In-house vac­ci­na­ti­on campaign

During an in-house vac­ci­na­ti­on cam­pai­gn in June, a total of 40 peop­le were vac­ci­na­ted against COVID-19. We are plea­sed that we were able to offer our staff and their fami­lies an uncom­pli­ca­ted vac­ci­na­ti­on offer.

Our roof ter­race is alrea­dy in bloom for the 5th year!

Five years ago, a habi­tat for nati­ve insects was crea­ted during a roof reno­va­ti­on. This sum­mer, the wild­flower mea­dow sur­pri­ses with a par­ti­cu­lar­ly color­ful varie­ty of flowers and gras­ses. This plea­ses both humans and ani­mals: Becau­se also this year many dif­fe­rent spe­ci­es of bees and but­ter­flies pay a visit to our flowe­ring roof terrace.

Edu­ca­ti­on and training

In order to achie­ve top per­for­mance, explo­it poten­ti­al and deve­lop crea­ti­ve solu­ti­ons, it takes more than knowledge …