Ket­tel­hack par­ti­ci­pa­tes in Part­ner­ship Initiative!

Coope­ra­ti­on in the Living Wage Part­ner­ship Initia­ti­ve aims to sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly con­tri­bu­te to impro­ving the wage situa­ti­on in the tex­ti­le indus­try. Ket­tel­hack par­ti­ci­pa­tes in the basic modu­le entit­led ‘Purcha­sing Prac­ti­ces’. As part of this coope­ra­ti­on, the company’s own purcha­sing prac­ti­ces were eva­lua­ted and an action plan deri­ved. Due to the situa­ti­on sur­roun­ding the glo­bal Coro­na­vi­rus pan­de­mic, we have work­ed with other Part­ner­ship mem­bers to deve­lop a gui­de for respon­si­ble purcha­sing prac­ti­ces in times of Coro­na. This is inten­ded to cushion nega­ti­ve effects in the sup­p­ly chain. Not least due to the incre­asing demands on com­pa­nies, mem­ber­ship in the Tex­ti­le Part­ner­ship con­ti­nues to be an important com­po­nent for our sus­taina­bi­li­ty management.

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Development of water consumption in m3

The high level of water consumption in production brings with it a corresponding volume of waste water. Compliance with the limit values from the Waste Water Ordinance is ensured by the indirect discharge permit. The daily control of the mixing and equalisation basin by our employees, as well as through the regular inspections by the responsible monitoring authorities, give us the necessary security. 

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