Sum­mer 2020: Ket­tel­hack dis­tri­bu­tes a cycling-wal­king gui­de for Rheine

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To coin­ci­de with the 2020 sum­mer holi­day, a very spe­cial cycling and wal­king gui­de was dis­tri­bu­ted to mem­bers of staff. Due to the ongo­ing Coro­na pan­de­mic, tra­vel­ling far away is not pos­si­ble – to swee­ten the holi­day at home a bit, the local busi­ness asso­cia­ti­on “Wirt­schafts­för­de­rung EWG” has com­pi­led a cycling and wal­king gui­de with many desti­na­ti­ons and rou­tes around Rheine.

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Development of water consumption in m3

The high level of water consumption in production brings with it a corresponding volume of waste water. Compliance with the limit values from the Waste Water Ordinance is ensured by the indirect discharge permit. The daily control of the mixing and equalisation basin by our employees, as well as through the regular inspections by the responsible monitoring authorities, give us the necessary security. 

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