STeP by OEKO-TEX® STeP by OEKO-TEX® is a modu­lar cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on sys­tem for pro­duc­tion faci­li­ties in the tex­ti­le and lea­ther indus­try, accor­ding to which Ket­tel­hack has been cer­ti­fied sin­ce 2020. STeP stands for Sus­tainable Tex­ti­le & Lea­ther Pro­duc­tion and fol­lows a holi­stic approach. The stan­dard takes a look at dif­fe­rent are­as of the com­pa­ny in 6 modu­les: Che­mi­cals manage­ment Envi­ron­men­tal per­for­mance Environmental […]

About this report

The Ket­tel­hack Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Report 2020 was pre­pared in accordance with the GRI Stan­dard Opti­on ‘Core’. …

Fair­trade cotton

The inde­pendent­ly con­trol­led Fair­trade label stands for the sup­port of small far­mers and workers in the pro­du­cing count­ries. For tex­ti­le factories,…

Development of water consumption in m3

The high level of water consumption in production brings with it a corresponding volume of waste water. Compliance with the limit values from the Waste Water Ordinance is ensured by the indirect discharge permit. The daily control of the mixing and equalisation basin by our employees, as well as through the regular inspections by the responsible monitoring authorities, give us the necessary security. 

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